We offer courses aimed at improving productivity in the offices for our customers. To this end, our approach is to teach the concepts rather than the features.

For example, even when we are using MS Word, we emphasize on word processing concepts:

  • Not just how to format, but why certain formats are useful for certain purposes
  • What and why you need to prepare before starting a new document

A study has shown that about 6.3% of time is spent in office solving computer problems. That's a lot of time spent on unproductive work and time is money to all of us. This is the result of workers who learn to use the computer by trial and error, asking their colleagues for help when they are stuck.

We offer one-off courses as well as monthly courses for your company, whereby all new recruits to the company go through the essential courses.

Essential Courses

Our Essential Courses are designed to help computer users become competent in the shortest possible time. They will learn to use the most appropriate methods and tools to do their work and become more productive in their work.

Our Essential Computer Training are based on internationally recognized syllabus and consists of 5 modules:

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Essential Word Processing
  3. Essential Spreadsheet
  4. Essential Presentation
  5. Essential Internet and Email

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

These are customized training designed according to your company's needs.

Our customers are usually those who have been using computers for many years but do not know how to use the tools available in their computers to solve their problems.

Special Courses

We also have courses on the use of open source software which are meant to save time and money for the customers.

Some of the topics are:

  • Using Linux in the Office and at Home
  • Using GIMP for Your Marketing Materials
  • Using Alternative Office Suites for Productive Work